Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Ode To Errol

The warrior prince is fallen
Succumbed by a weapon of sin
He fought the good fight long and hard
But alas, his body did him in

The warrior prince is fallen
His crown heavy on his head
Robbers and thieves surround him
To claim the victory of his death bed

The warrior prince is fallen
His body lay in wait
To be dressed for the burial procession
Of what royalty was born to partake

Dressed in purple royal
His throng solemnly looked on
Remembering his life’s journey
And its triumphant song

There lies within his bosom
The sweet betrayal’s kiss
That suppressed the refrain of his praise
Of a heroic departing bliss

How can you declare to love a gem so rare
And not value his mind
To allow the enemies flag to fly
Above your beloveds enshrine

The warrior prince is fallen
The earth mourns at his departure
The enemy delights at the pitiful sight
Of the throngs confused parade

Still the voices raised in triumphant ode
Told of his love and strength of old
And the voices rose in triumphant song
Gave victorious praise of the battles he won

The warrior prince if fallen
Now the enemy lies in wait
To prey upon the betrayers lair
And minds of the ingrates

Our hearts will not forget
Our minds will not stumble
For we know that the life light you shone
Will shine through death’s rubble

The warrior, the prince
May your body rest in peace
And your soul be uplifted
To reign with the departed warriors
Heaven’s beloved and gifted

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